Esha Patel Receives the 2021 Alan Hu Foundation Scholarship
Award Supports Young Scholars in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience

Pleasanton, Calif. (August 1, 2021) — The Board of Directors of the Alan Hu Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2021 Alan Hu Foundation Scholarship has been awarded to Ms. Esha Patel, a 2021 graduate of Amador Valley High School. She is the daughter of Bhavesh and Bhamini Patel of Pleasanton, CA. Patel’s resume and passion for neuroscience and medical research impressed Alan Hu Foundation President Xiaofang Chen and the scholarship review committee members. “From Esha’s application, I see a talented, self-driven, hardworking young lady with a big, compassionate heart. I am touched by her dedication to devoting her talents and passion to neuroscience and the medical field to help people. She reminds me of Alan, who wanted to heal other people. I look forward to seeing Esha develop a prolific career in Neuroscience, and helping many people. It is gratifying that we awarded the Alan Hu Foundation Scholarship to Esha. We hope she may someday be a speaker for the Alan Hu Foundation Mental Health Lecture Series.” 

Esha said, “I chose to pursue a career in medicine, specifically in Neuroscience, because I eagerly want to be the listener for those who suffer from psychiatric disorders, while also trying my best to be the healer and leave a meaningful impact in others’ lives. The stigma surrounding psychiatric disorders can be removed by a more educated and united society, and I aspire to use this award as a launchpad into a life full of dedicated research and service.” 

Patel previously interned in Intercollegiate Neuroscience Research, and will spend the summer of 2021 as an intern for a UCSF professor in the Memory and Aging Center. She will major in pre-sciences at the University of Washington. 

The Alan Hu Scholarship encourages young talents to study in the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry or Neurosciences. It was created in memory of Alan Hu and Sarah Rahman, young people with great promise whose battles with mental illness resulted in suicide. The mission of the Alan Hu Foundation is to promote mental health, raise awareness and remove stigma surrounding psychiatric disorders, and to support fundamental research for cures. 

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