Pleasanton, Calif. (April 12, 2021) The Alan Hu Foundation is pleased to announce the Alan Hu Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship was created in memory of Alan Hu and Sarah Rahman, who passed away after their battles with mental illness led to suicide. The Alan Hu Foundation was established to carry out Alan’s wish to help other people. He wanted to become a psychiatrist to heal those suffering from psychiatric disorders. Alan was also a talented musician and a gifted scholar. Like Alan, Sarah was a very creative person. She worked in music and representational arts, and was very interested in helping others, particularly the homeless.

The Alan Hu Foundation Scholarship encourages young talents to study in the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry or Neuro Sciences to find cures. The scholarship will be offered annually to high school seniors going to colleges or universities to major in these areas, and have a passion for pursuing a career in one of these fields. The scholarship is a one-time $1,000.00 award for the recipient to help cover educational expenses. Applicants must be enrolled in Pleasanton Unified School District high schools. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2021. 

To apply for the Alan Hu Foundation Scholarship, please visit the Alan Hu Foundation website: 

The Alan Hu Foundation was created by Xiaofang Chen and Chih-Ching Hu in memory of their son, Alan. He passed away due to mental disorders in 2018 at the age of 15. Their mission is to promote mental health,  raise awareness and remove the stigma surrounding psychiatric disorders, and to support fundamental research for cures. For further information, and to support the Alan Hu Foundation, please visit the website,